When your sponsored child receives your letter or card

The first correspondence between you and your sponsored child is likely to be the first time they’ve ever received or written a letter or card. Imagine their excitement! Every day right around the world our field staff witness the joy that sponsor-written letters or cards give children.

If your sponsored child’s too young to read or write, a member of their family, a volunteer or World Vision staff will help them. Even if your sponsored child seems old enough to read or write, remember that in many countries children start school much later than in Australia. The letters or cards you write are a personal way you can support their education and improve their literacy skills. It will be noted in the letter if your sponsored child has received assistance in writing.

Your sponsored child often receives your original letter or card, as well as the translation. In many cases they will reply, however this cannot be guaranteed. They normally write in their own language which is translated by World Vision staff. You are likely to receive their original letter as well as the translation.

Many sponsored children come from oral traditions. Writing to you teaches them to put their thoughts and feelings into words. So don’t worry if their letter seems impersonal at first. As your connection develops over the years, your letter writing friendship will grow.

If you’ve included photos or small, inexpensive paper-based items, these will be cherished by your sponsored child. But please read our guidelines on what you can and can’t send or your small gift could cost many times its value in customs duty – money we need for our programs!

Story: "Keep writing": Angel tells his sponsor

“My sponsor in Australia wrote me some wishing words. I am very happy. The card means to celebrate my birthday.”
Soom, Cambodia, aged 11

“Never did anyone send me a birthday greeting card before. I wish him the best in his life.”
Adam, Lebanon, aged 9

“I wish my sponsor good health and happiness. I receive letters from my sponsor, he writes about many things around him and I enjoy reading his letters."
Quan, Vietnam, aged 14

“It is nice, the pictures make it nice,”
Jimmy, Uganda, aged 7

"From my sponsor's letter I remember they told me they took their kitten to the vet. I feel very happy to receive the letters and find out about my sponsor's life.”
Angel, Zambia, aged 11