Send an eLetter

Sending an eLetter is a quick and easy way to let your sponsored child know you're thinking of them and it's a free service for you! You're able to send one eLetter every two months to each of your sponsored children.

Prefer to put pen to paper and send a letter in the post? We've put together a few guidelines, some writing starters and other helpful tips on how to send a letter.

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What happens when you send an eLetter

  1. You write and send the letter
  2. World Vision staff review your letter at the National Office.
  3. Your letter is translated into the language of your sponsored child.
  4. Your sponsored child receives your letter.
  5. Your sponsored child writes and sends you a reply!

Service availability

From time to time it might not be possible to send an eLetter to your sponsored child.

Local infrastructure might be interrupted or the area might be suffering from the effects of extreme environmental conditions which divert World Vision resources in-country for a period of time.

Read more about eLetters in our frequently asked questions section.