*Ngalipa karlipa warrki jarrimi kamparru kurra yungulipa jungarni mani jintangkalu
wapaya nganimpa wana

*Warlpiri language

We're working towards change.

Walk with us.

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We're working towards change.

Walk with us.

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Indigenous Australians are creating positive change

We need to go out there and do something for this community. And I reckon ... education is the key.

- Sheree

Through support from World Vision, Warlpiri mum Sheree got her Cert III in Early Childhood. Sheree was also mentored by a World Vision community facilitator. Now she uses her skills to work with children and families in her community.

For Sheree, education has given her a career and the opportunity to help others."With a good education you can find a good job ...," she says."That's the main aim, ... a good education for our kids and a good life ..."

Sheree wants better opportunities for her children.

World Vision’s work in Australia

By donating to World Vision’s Australia Program, you can support Indigenous Australians working towards change across the country.

A partnership with Warlpiri Education and Training Trust to help Warlpiri communities raise happy, healthy and strong children through parental support and better early childhood services.

A partnership with Aboriginal organisation Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa to foster governance and leadership capacity among Martu people at the interface of the mainstream and Martu worlds.

A partnership with Martu communities to help families raise happy, healthy and strong children through parental support and improved access to quality early childhood care, education and information.

A partnership with Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation to develop a comprehensive Education and Youth Strategy that will maximise mining benefits to bring about improved educational outcomes.

A comprehensive school and community program that empowers Aboriginal youth to confidently engage with the world by developing strong leadership, life skills, identity and connection to culture.

This initiative seeks to examine, inform and influence government policy and practice in Indigenous Affairs to ensure effective, locally-driven development by Indigenous Australians.

World Vision is exploring how the Australia Program can consider Indigenous spirituality and world views in its programming for more effective community development.

A partnership with Reconciliation Australia to support churches on a journey of learning and community-based action to build respectful relationships with Indigenous people.

Walk alongside Indigenous Australians

You can support Indigenous Australian families and communities to create lasting change

World Vision has over 60 years of international development experience. We know that no two contexts are the same. Each community has unique needs and priorities, and requires unique solutions. And in each case, it’s critical that local people drive the change they want to see.

In Australia, we support Indigenous people to lead their own development and build on their strengths. We do this at the national level by engaging with the government, and at a local level by partnering with communities.

Our partnerships begin when Indigenous Australian communities invite us to work together and to share our development expertise. Drawing on their capacity and vision, we walk with them to help them tackle disadvantage and raise strong, healthy, and happy children.

Be part of the positive future Indigenous Australians are working towards.
Make Australia part of your world vision.

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