Provide urgent help to protect children from human trafficking, slavery and child labour.

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Children are being exploited every day. Your donation to our Child Rescue program will help protect children around the world from child labour, trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

Safe from harm

Support children living in dangerous situations of child labour and exploitation through prevention, protection and rehabilitation programs.

Urgent protection

Provide urgent help to vulnerable children in immediate danger.

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You can help protect children from child labour and exploitation for $25 a month.

Keeping children safe from exploitation

More than 10 percent of the world's children over five years old are child labourers, many working in dangerous conditions.

Extreme poverty makes many children vulnerable to child labour. Child labour deprives children of education and the chance for a better future. It can also be harmful to children's mental or physical development.

Eleven-year-old Siddiqui* is tired all the time from working throughout the night and into the day at a brick factory in India. He wants to go to school but his family cannot afford him to miss a day's work. "Many times there is no money or food and we have to just stay hungry," he said.

Tabasum* is 12 years old and labours all day in the hot sun making rope. "Because of poverty we are in this situation," she said. When she twists the rope into bundles she gets deep wounds on her hands and neck. "If I get the opportunity I would like to go to school," she said. "I would like to become a doctor."

When his dad died, 12-year-old Raj* had to start working in a jewellery workshop so his family could survive. "It's difficult work," he said. "Sometimes the metal flakes go into our eyes and it hurts to get them out."

* names changed and faces hidden to protect identity

When you support Child Rescue you'll help protect children like Siddiqui, Tabasum and Raj from child labour. Your support will help children around the world by:

  • working with local authorities and businesses to ensure they uphold child labour laws;
  • providing children opportunities to go to school and helping them learn basic reading and writing skills so they can catch up on missed years of schooling;
  • helping parents and families increase savings and access job training so they can earn a better income and their children don't have to work; and
  • educating communities on child rights and the dangers of child labour.
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