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How sponsoring a child helps

Through child sponsorship, you'll help a child, their family and community thrive. You can help give a child a better future by changing the world in which they live.

Essential needs

Help your sponsored child to grow up healthy and strong and reach their full potential by helping their community meet key needs like education, clean water, healthcare, nutrition, farming and earning a better income.

Lasting Change

Child sponsorship provides children and communities with long-term benefits that will be felt for generations to come.

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For less than $2 a day you can help give a child a better future. It's a rewarding experience for both you and your sponsored child.


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Do you know what's scaring Kema?

Kema is only eight years old but she is terrified of marriage. Girls like Kema are forced to marry men three or four times their age.

Many girls in Kema's community are forced to abandon school and marry before they even reach their 12th birthday. Poverty and cultural practices mean they have no choice.

Getting married at such a young age has a dangerous and devastating effect on young children. Girls like Kema suffer sexual and emotional abuse. They fall pregnant when they're just children, with many dying in childbirth in agony.

Girls from Kema's community told of their terrifying experience. "He was older than my father. He was bigger than me, two times bigger than me," said one girl. "I was screaming ... Every time I think of this experience tears run from my eyes."

Early marriage is a violation of childhood. Forced to leave school and marry, these girls are denied the opportunity to learn the skills that could help them earn an income and escape the cycle of poverty.

Will you sponsor a child like Kema? You'll help protect them from harm, help them go to school, and enjoy being a child. Through child sponsorship, you can:

  • help local authorities to improve laws and policies to reduce cases of early marriage;
  • educate women and men on treating girls and boys equally within the family, and on the importance of girls' education;
  • strengthen local community child protection groups to alert, monitor and respond to cases of early marriage; and
  • empower children's groups to prevent early marriage by watching out for those who miss school and reporting when they believe another child is at risk.

Will you sponsor a child like Kema?

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*Kema's story is a representation of the situation of child marriage in West Africa.